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25th Cologne Solar Colloquium – Programme


Welcome and Introduction

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hoffschmidt, DLR Institut für Solarforschung

Part 1
10:10 – 11:10

Automation of Solar Power Plants

Session chair: Prof. Dr. Robert Pitz-Paal


Unleashing AI in Power Plants

Jan Weustink, Siemens Energy


Digitalization as a Toolbox for the Autonomous CSP Plant

Kevin Iding, DLR Institut für Solarforschung


Enabiling Solar Powered Smart Grids via Predictive 5G Network Slicing

Dr. Fabian Kurtz, TU Dortmund

11:10 Coffee Break (20 Minutes)
Part 2
11:30 – 12:30

Measurements, Data Analysis and Digital Twins

Session chair: Dr. Daniel Maldonado Quinto


Solar Nowcasting Systems Using AI Techniques

Yann Fabel, DLR Institut für Solarforschung


Machine Learning and AI for Solar Power Towers

Max Pargmann, DLR Institut für Solarforschung


Data Analysis for Parabolic Trough Fields with Machine Learning

Alex Brenner, DLR Institut für Solarforschung

12:30 Lunch Break (60 Minutes)
Part 3
13:30 – 14:30

Advanced Control Strategies

Session chair: Peter Schwarzbözl


Aim Point Management System for Solar Power Towers

Laurin Oberkirsch, DLR Institut für Solarforschung


Model Predictive Control of Solar Receivers

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Grote-Ramm, HS Düsseldorf


Control of Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production Processes

Dr. Johannes Grobbel, DLR Institut für Future Fuels

14:30 Coffee Break (20 Minutes)
Part 4
14:50 – 15:50

Commercial Applications

Session chair: Dr. Kai Wieghardt


Lowering Heliostat Field Commissioning Cost by Using a Digital Twin

Dr. Gerhard Weinrebe, sbp sonne


A Modular AI Powered CSP System

Dr. Lars Amsbeck, Heliogen


Design and Optimization of Solar-Chemical Plants

Patrick Hilger, Synhelion

15:50 End of presentations
15:50 Transfer to DLR Solar Towers (10 minutes walk)
Part 5
16:00 – 17:00

On-site Demonstration of Digital Technologies & Guided Tours at the Jülich Solar Towers

17:00 Get Together